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Paying off Money Owed to the Mob

by: Jennifer Allison


My problem started simply enough.

It started in Junior High School. With a World Series baseball pool. A quarter a square on a hundred square board. I had only one quarter so I picked the bottom right hand corner. By sheer luck I won that day.

My gambling habit started right there and then.

I have won some but lost about ten times more than I won over the years. Two of my problems are, I can't quit and the other I couldn't pick a winner in a one horse race. With my luck the horse would break a leg and not cross the finish line.

I am now eighteen and I am in debt to the local mob for close to twenty thousand dollars. So when they offered me this deal it was too good to turn down so I accepted it. My other choice was working off my debt as a male whore. Of which I figured it would take me at least fifteen to twenty years to payback.

Here is the deal I took.


"We want you to bear us a child."

"I am a man, I don't have the right equipment for that kind of job."

"Do you think we are stupid?"

"No, definitely not."

"To answer your question. We have a way so that you can bear us a child. Awhile back in one of our drug labs. A technician discovered a drug that will change the sex of the person given this drug. This drug can't be produced in great quantities. There is only enough for six doses every four mouths. That is why we haven't put it on the open market. We find baby production is more profitable.

"So when we find young healthy men like yourself that have a problem. We offer them a chance to get out from under their debts."

"Say I do accept your offer. I change into a girl and have your baby. What happens to me then?"

"You'll be given a new life. Either as a boy or a girl. Plus ten thousand dollars will be put in the bank for you the day of the birth of the baby. One other thing. You'll be 86 out of any type gambling that we run or know about."

"How long do I have to think it over?"

"24 hours, but you can't leave this area. There is a bathroom. But that is as far as you can go."

"If I don't?"

"We'll give you a ten minute head start before we come after you."

What choice did I have? Give up 1 year of my life or fifteen to twenty. That is if I survive for that long.

The next morning I gave them my answer. "I accept your kind offer."

"Good! The transformation won't take place for a week or so. This time will be used to put your things in order. Like bills and other things that make it look funny when you all of a sudden disappear. One of my people will help you so you won't have to leave this room. If you do need to leave, he will go with you."

"I forgot to ask. What happens if I don't get pregnant the first time?"

"Your stay with us will be extended another four months and we will try again. One way or another you will deliver us a baby."


During the next seven days I got everything in order so that I could disappear. During this time I met and made good friends with someone else waiting for the transformation. By the name of Patrick Michael.

Patrick came to this place of his own free will. There had been a mistake when he had been conceived where he came out as a boy instead of the girl he was meant to be. Patrick's problem had gotten so bad he at one time was within seconds of killing himself. He parents walked in on him just as his pill-laden hand was moving up to his mouth. By luck the psychiatrist his parents had taken Patrick too. Knew about the mob and their special drug.

So Patrick's parents who loved their son and wanted to help him regardless how it turned out. Forked over 100 grand to pay for their son's health and mind. Patrick's father didn't like the idea very much. It took him a long time to come around to realize that if he didn't go along with what his son needed he might not have a son much longer.

By the end of the week we knew our time was near. We had been joined by four other young men. With similar problems as I have, gambling, or an independent drug dealer moving into the wrong area. One of these must have played football. He weighed in at 270 pounds easy, but with less than 8% body fat.


Then came the announcement. "Tomorrow will be the day. But today we need to ask each of you a question. We would like to know the new feminine name you would like to use."

I answered "Jennifer."

Patrick said, "Shelly."

Football player said, "Roxanne."

The other names were Lesley, Josephine and Abby. Josephine wanted us to call her Joe for short but we decided Joey would sound better.

The next morning when I tried the door to my room. I found it locked. As I kept trying the door a voice came of the loud speaker. "In a few minutes a nurse will come and give each of you a shot. The process will take around four hours to complete. We will give you a little while to prepare for the father of the child that will bear for us. He will stay with you until tomorrow morning."

It seemed like an eternity. Finally I could hear the key in the door lock and a woman in a nurse's uniform entered.

"Good morning Jennifer, are you ready?"

"I guess so. I have a question. What exactly does this drug do?"

"As you know most women have to XX chromosomes and men have XY. What this drug does is change your Y's into X's. You turn out just like you would have been if you were born a XX."

"So what happens now?"

"I give you a shot. The process will start five minutes later." As she was ready to stick me with the needle. The nurse asked. "Are you sure you want to do this?"

"Yes I am. I have no other choice."

She then pushed the needle into my arm and released the fluid.

"I would suggest you strip and lie down on your bed."

It started in the fingers and toes and slowly crept up my arms and legs. It was a feeling like you get when your leg falls asleep if you sit too long in one place. I couldn't move a muscle in my arms and legs, after it started. Within five minutes my whole body felt like it was asleep. I couldn't see or feel a thing except for the numbness as I lay there for four hours.

Finally the numbness started to fade.

I heard the door open.

"You may get up Jennifer."

"Is it over with?"

"Yes it is. I think you turned out quite nicely."

"May I look?"


I found myself staring at a face that looked so good it didn't need any type of make-up to make it look better. I had shoulder length light brown hair almost blonde. I looked at my chest and found what I considered 36 DDD. With 2 inch nipples. My figure wasn't the greatest in the world but I knew I would have a lot of attention when and where I wore a bikini. My legs were so long and feminine. They were the type that guys like wrapped around them when they are having sex.

Then I took a look at my pussy.

"This can't be me?"

"Yes it is."

The nurse then handed me a teddy. "You need to put this on. I also need to check on Roxanne."

"What happens now?" I asked as she walked out the door.

"In a couple of minutes you'll be called out of your rooms to meet the other girls and then your dates will arrive."

When I put on the teddy I found the letters JE printed on the left breast. I figured it must be used for identification.

Ten minutes later we were called out.

I found Shelly right away. She was now a redhead with the biggest smile I have ever seen on her face.

She came over and hugged me. Then said, "if this is a dream I never want to wake up." For the first time I had the feeling of breast rubbing against breast.

Looking around I couldn't find a dog in the bunch. All six of us were not a perfect ten or even a nine. But we were certainly a good to high 8 on the 1 to 10 scale.

"In a few minutes the fathers of your babies will be arriving. The coupling has already been arranged so don't try to make your own selection. We have match couples so that a perfect baby will be produced."

"I wonder what he will look like?" asked Shelly.

"I don't care for the looks. All I want is one virile enough to knock me up the first time." I replied.

"I know Jennifer this is not something you wanted. As for me it is a dream come true. How many men out there who were born the wrong sex have a chance to become a full fledge woman and have the chance to have a baby. There is nothing better."

At that moment the six fathers-to-be walked into the room. Naked as the day they were born. Their lovepoles standing at attention. When they saw the six of us. A smile that matched Shelly's earlier broke over their faces.

I even knew a couple of them. The guys I knew weren't super smart nerds or superstar athletics. They played sports but they were the ones who played their hearts out and who were steady and reliable in the classroom and out. I found out later that there was another reason these men were selected as the fathers to our babies.

We stood and talked a couple minutes. Then we started pairing off.

Then the guy in front of me asked. "Are you ready Jennifer?" He wasn't one of the fellows I knew. Thanks for that.

I then took Jeff back to the room where my transformation had taken place just a little while ago.

I asked Jeff, "do you know why you are here."

"I won a contest. The prize was I could spend the night with a beautiful girl. And do anything I want with her. Without worrying about catching something or nine mouths from now having someone banging on my door with a shotgun.

"Could I tell you something in confidence. I have never done anything like this before. The only naked girl I have ever seen were in Playboy and Penthouse."

"While in a moment you'll be doing more than looking and whacking your dick. You have done some whacking haven't you?"

"Yes I have."

"Then why don't you help me out of this teddy and see what a real woman looks like up close and personal.

As Jeff moved my teddy past my breasts he stopped and just sat there staring at my breasts opened mouth. So taking the bull by the horns. I reached and pulled Jeff's head forward to where I could place one of nipples in his mouth.

"Come on baby, lunchtime." Jeff then started sucking like a baby.

After a couple minutes of this. Jeff stopped, "I have something for you to suck on if you want."

"I want to but I have another idea first."


I didn't say a word. All I did was remove my teddy and laid back onto the bed and spread my legs.

I didn't say or do anything else. Jeff was between my legs.

I could feel the head of his dick at the entrance to my love canal. He just kept kissing me.

"Please fuck me, ppppppllllllllleeeeeeeesssseeee."

"That's what my dad told me to do during our talk about the birds and bees. Make the girl beg for it. So there's no call of rape later on." As the last word left his mouth. He jabbed his love pole into my love canal.

I let out a small scream as Jeff broke my cherry.

Back and forth we went. Jeff was trying to bury his love pole as deep as he could and I was trying to make it go even further. As I was hitting my third orgasmic high I could feel Jeff tense up, I knew within seconds I would receive the babyseed I was hoping that would give me a baby. As we buried Jeff's love pole as far as we could make it go. He couldn't hold back any more. He started squirting and squirting. He squirted so much I though he would never quit.

"You were a virgin too?" he asked. After it was all over with.

"Yes I was."

We fucked four more times before we both fell asleep in each other arms exhausted. Then once more before Jeff had to leave.

For the next month the six of us stayed in the same house. Using the same room as we did for our lovemaking. Shelly and I became very close. Not in a sexual way but more like sisters. We did everything together. We were allowed outside to go shopping or even swimming in pairs as long as there were someone with us. But nothing that could harm the baby we hoped we were all carrying.

Then one morning a little over a month since my night with Jeff. I woke up feeling sick. I barely made it to the bathroom before throwing up.

I asked Shelly. "Have you been sick in the morning?"

"Yes I have, it started yesterday.

I then asked the others. Only Roxanne replied that she hadn't.

Before I could say anymore the Nurse was back.

"I heard we have a few cases of morning sickness this morning. I think it is time for each of you to have your pregnancy test." She then handed each of us a cup to take a leak in.

After I returned with my sample. I asked, "when we will find out the results."

"This afternoon." She then left.

That afternoon we got the results. Five hits and one miss. Roxanne the football player.

It was announced. "In a little we will be moving the five of you to a home for unwed mothers we have set up. You will stay there until your baby is born."

"What about Roxanne?" we asked.

"She will be staying in a safe house for the next three months until the next batch of the drug is ready. Don't worry she will be joining you. We haven't had any girl miss twice yet."

Our new home was five hundred miles from our old one, but still in the same state.

"Welcome to Babyland. I am Nancy, I have been asked to show the five of you around and try to answer all of your questions."

I could tell Nancy was just like us. By the bulge in her stomach.

"Yes I am one of the mothers to be, not one of the help."

"You must be about due," said Abby. Not being around pregnant woman that much she didn't know.

"No, I am just five months along."

"But you are so big."

"I am not. Look over at Megan that is big. Her baby is a week past due."

We all looked and Megan was huge. "Don't worry you probably won't get that big, Megan is carrying twins. I will though. I am also having twins."

We just learned another of the mob's angles. They look for boys from families known for multiple birth. So sometimes they get two for the price of one.

"Same rules apply here as they did at the other house. You may leave the house in pairs with a member of the staff. A doctor will make weekly checkup visits. If you break the rules you will be punished. The rules are listed in a handout with penalties to be paid for each infraction. None of the penalties will in any way hurt your baby.

"The staff doesn't look kindly on mothers to be playing around with another mother. If you don't get what I mean, sex. They know it goes on. The mothers and the staff have come to an unwritten understanding. If someone says NO. They mean no.

"Meals. Breakfast at 7:00, lunch at noon and supper at 6:00. The staff prepares all foods. Under the direction of the doctor and dietitian. For your health and your babies. Snacks are available but only handed out by the staff."

"These are your sleeping quarters. Two per room. We do have a single room for those who come in one person short."

I looked over at Shelly and nodded. We agreed to be roommates.

For the first trimester. I spent a lot of time bent over the commode throwing up. As did most of us. By the second month I couldn't suck in my stomach. But I wasn't showing yet.

By the time of my ultrasound there was no mistake that I was pregnant.

I was asked. "Would you like to know the sex of your babies."

"Babies, I am only having one."

"No I see twins here." Another two for the price of one.

"No thank you, I don't want to know until they are born."

I found out later that Lesley was also carrying twins.

"Jennifer we would like you to meet the new group of mother-to-be and walk them through Babyland."

Roxanne was among the new group of mothers-to-be.

That didn't bother me as much as what one of the other said to me.

"Is that my baby you are carrying, Jennifer."

"What do you mean your baby?"

"My baby. A little over a month ago I was a boy named Jeff. Also I spent a night with you five months ago."

"You can't be my Jeff?"

"I am sorry but I am. A month after our night together I found out the truth of what the mob was doing. Since one of my biggest dreams was becoming a woman. I made them a deal. I wouldn't tell if I was allowed to join the next group of mothers-to-be. So here I am. My name is Jessica now."

"You are giving them more than you think you are. I am carrying twins."

By the time the next group of mothers-to-be arrived. I was as huge as a house.

Then one night Shelly woke me up."



"My water just broke."

I reached up and rang for the nurse on duty.

Fifteen minutes after Shelly left the room. I had to ring the buzzer again. My water had also broken.

As I was being wheeled into the labor room I noticed that Joey, Lesley and Abby were also in labor as well as Shelly.

"Don't worry girls about all of you being here at the same time. Each one of you will have a nurse with you, at all times. We have two doctors here and a third within ten minutes on call if we need him."

We screamed our reply.

Shelly soon left for the delivery room. Joey left soon afterwards.

We heard a baby cry. "One down six left to come." Said the nurse attending me. Both Lesley and Abby left together almost. Then another baby cry. Joey had brought forth her baby.

My contraction pains were immense. I don't see how a woman could go through this pain more than once.

"Time Jennifer." As I was wheeled into a delivery room I heard another baby cry. Three and four to go. But my problem is that two of those four to go are mine.

As my legs were put in the stirrups I begged for the painkiller.

"Sorry we are not allowed to use any drugs on any of you girls that might harm the baby in any way."

A scream of pain was my reply.

"Next time I want you to push when you feel the pain."

I started pushing and screaming at the same time.

"Come on you can do better than that. I said push."

"I AM PUSHING!!!!!!" I screamed.

"I can see its head. One more good push will have the baby out."

The next pain was the worst I have ever felt in my life. But I was happy too when I heard the doctor say. "There she is, it is a baby girl."

"Is she healthy?" I asked.

The baby screamed her reply about being brought into this world

"Yes she is." Turning towards me he said. "See how easy it is. Are you ready for the twin."

I screamed back at him. "If you think it is so easy why don't we trade places. You have the baby and I will deliver it."

He just laughed at me.

Then the pain started all over again. Knowing what I was going through didn't help. The pain was just as bad.

Then it was over. "It is another girl. Another healthy girl. They weigh just right for a twin at a full pregnancy."

As I was being cleaned up. I asked, "will I see my daughters again?"

"Yes you will. We feel newborns need mother's milk for their first three feedings."

It finally dawned on me what he said. My last act as a woman was to breast-feed my children.

As I was rolled into the recovery room. I found Shelly and Joey had finished feeding their babies and had them in a baby hospital crib. Abby and Lesley were in the mist of feeding theirs. Lesley was on her second. The first was already in a crib. I was placed on a bed with cribs on both sides.

"Your girls should be here soon, Jennifer. So you start feeding them."

I looked over at Shelly and was about to say something. She put her finger to her lips. "He is finally gone to sleep." She said in a very low quiet voice, barely above a whisper. So Shelly had a boy.

"Here is Jennifer #1." When I tried to take her to my breast nothing happen.

"Sometimes you help them along the very first time. Just tickle her feet just a little."

It didn't take #1 too long to find out sucking was good for her. It was hard for me to believe looking down at my daughter that I was breast feeding her. Just as I finished #1. Her sister was brought in for her first taste of mother's milk. I had no trouble getting this one started.

Four hours later we were awoken for the second feeding. Also at that time some of the mothers-to-be were allowed to visit.

Jessica walked in with the obvious bulge in her stomach.

"So this little thing is mine. Where is her sister?"

"Where do you think." lifting my hospital gown to show Jessica #2 having her second meal.

After the third feedings all the babies were taken away.

Each of us mothers was then given a shot.

Five minutes later I had the same feeling I had during my first transformation. I just figured they were just turning us back into men. But this time we fell asleep.

When I awoke. It was to a whole new world. Everything looked so big. When I tried to say something nothing came out. When I stretch out my tongue I found myself toothless. Looking around I found myself in what looked like a hospital baby crib. Just like the ones my twins used.

"I see you are awake, Jennifer. And I bet you want to know what is going on?" As the nurse said this, she picked me up. I mean picked me up.

I tried to make a fuss.

"Stop it Jennifer and I will explain."

The nurse took me over to a mirror. Where I found her holding a baby no older than the two I had feed just a few hours before.

"That is you Jennifer. The mob just didn't find a drug that changes a person's sex but also one that will turn back the clock. The supply is just as limited as the sex change drug. So this age is given the mothers after they deliver us a baby so we have two for the price of one. In your case three for one.

"I know one thing you want to say. This isn't the deal you agreed to. It is, if you remember right. We promised you a new life as a boy or a girl. We didn't say what age that your new life would be did we. We also didn't say you would be the one who got to choose your sex, did we. All we promised is that you will get ten thousand dollars. Which we did give you. It is in an United States Savings Bond, which will come due on your eighteenth birthday. It will be given to your new parents.

"As for your friends. They are like you, newborn babies. They will also start new lives with new families. Except for Shelly. She is special. You might have always wondered why did it cost Shelly's family one hundred thousand dollars to be in this program. This money wasn't for Shelly to be in the program. It is for the baby Shelly is now. They wanted her back as a baby girl.

"One hundred thousand is what we get for each baby. We screen each mother and father's history for everything that might cause problems down the line, Like cancer, diabetes, mental illness, heart disease and etc., etc. We don't promise that the child will be a genius all we tell the new parents is that the child in all respects and that they are brighter than most of the kids in school."

I was then taken to the nursery. Where I found twelve cribs. Eleven of them occupied. I saw one with the name Shelly written on the nametag. I stared for a moment at my best friend. She looked so cute there sleeping. I was then placed in my crib.

As the nurse left she said. "I thought you would love to be between your girls."

The next morning the new parents showed up to pick up their babies.

I never met Shelly's parents and I only knew them from a photo that Shelly had. The reunion they had that morning was a joyous one to behold. Crying on Shelly's and her mom's part and I even saw a tear on her dad's face.

Before I could see any more I met my new parents face to face.

"This one can't be ours. She is beautiful."

I was then picked up and place in my mom's arms. She keeps telling me. "I love you, I want you. You don't know how long I waited to hold a baby of my very own in my arms."

My dad asked. "Does she have a name yet?"

"Yes it is Jennifer."

"I love it. My mother's name was Jennifer."

So the only thing I got from my past life except for the money. I was allowed to keep the name I had chosen.

I have a couple ideas for a story about Jennifer and her new life. Please let me know if you would like to continue with this story.




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