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SRU- A Bully's Time to Pay the Fiddler

by: Jennifer Allison


"Mrs. O'Leary your son Dean is incorrigible."

"What has he done now."

:"What hasn't he done. The only thing I know for sure he hasn't done. Is sell drugs."

"Tell me more."

"Do you know he is the school's loan shark."

"I didn't know. Where does he get the money?"

"By being a bully and taking it from the kids that can't stop him from taking it."

"You see I am single mom trying to raise Dean and his sister. Since his father left us. My daughter is six months pregnant.

"Is there anything the school can do?"

"NO, he has just gone to far. As of right now Dean is expelled. If I have anything to say about it he will never be allowed back into any school that I have anything to do with."

"Is there anything I could do to change your mind?"

"No! Not after what he did this morning."

"What did Dean do?"

"Do you know Melinda Cooper?"

"Yes I do. She is Dean's girlfriend."

"Not after today she isn't. Do you know she had a miscarriage today."

"No I didn't."

"Melinda says Dean was the father of her baby. I can't prove it but Dean accidentally kicked Melinda in the stomach. I can't prove it but I think Dean kicked her on purpose."

"What am I supposed to do now?"

"I don't care what you do. If I had my way your son would be in jail right now for assault. But I cannot prove it. So I am doing the only thing I can do. By kicking him out of school and keeping him out."

"How can it get worse?" Asked Barbara O'Leary driving home.

But it can and it did.

Upon entering the kitchen she found her daughter Debbie holding an ice bag to her mouth.

"What happened?"

"Dean hit me, when I told him you wanted him to be here when you came home. Then he left and told me to tell you he will be home when he wants to."

Figuring her son was at the local mall. Barbara went over there looking for him.

Barbara O'Leary didn't find her son but she did find a store she had only heard about.



Upon entering the store. Barbara found the Wizard behind the counter helping another customer.

"Wear this medallion when you kiss your girlfriend tonight. I will guarantee you will be in her panties within five minutes."

"How much?"

"Twenty Dollars."

"Here, thank you."

The college student then left the store.

"Won't that be a little rough on the girl."

"Not exactly Barbara."

"How do you know my name."

"I am a wizard. As for the girl. She was in here earlier and bought the matching medallion. I guaranteed that boy he would be in her panties tonight. I just didn't tell him that he would be wearing them, as she will comply with her boyfriend's wishes for her to have sex with him.

"Unfortunately for him. Before the medallion's spell wears off. He will become pregnant and the spell can't be reversed.

"Now how may I help you."

"It is my son." Barbara then went into detail about what had transpired that day.

"I think I have just the thing for you in the back room."

A couple minutes later the Wizard returned with what look like a pint carton of milk. Except it had the SRU logo on it.

"Just have your son drink this tonight before he goes to bed."

"Won't it be hard to do when he sees that logo?"

"Just transfer the milk to another container."

"That will work, Dean always drinks some milk right before he goes to bed. He drinks it right out of the carton, regardless of what I have told him about germs."

"Just make sure that it is the only milk in the refrigerator."

"How much."

"Ten dollars."

"Thank you."

Barbara then left the store with her purchase.

That night Barbara did what she was supposed to do.

The next morning she was awoken by a feminine scream. It didn't come from her daughter Debbie's room.

"MOM!!!!!!!!!" There was the scream again.

"I guess Dean is up."


Barbara upon entering her son's room. Found him standing naked in front of a full-length mirror.

"What is it dear?"

"I am a girl. That is what."

"What is wrong with being a girl?"

"But I am a boy."

"Not any longer you aren't."

"I am your daughter and my name is Deanna."

"You can't even say it anymore. After what you did yesterday. You are better off as a girl anyway."


"A lot of things you did here at home and at school but the two things you did that broke the camel's back were. What you did to Melinda and Debbie. Hitting girls I will not tolerate. So yesterday I went looking for you over at the mall. When I ran across something I had just read and heard about. Spell-R-Us. The Wizard was most helpful. He said I would like the changes in you and I do."

"This cannot be permanent."

"Oh yes it is. As far as anybody is concerned your name is Deanna and it always has been. The only people who know you are not. Are Debbie, the Wizard, you and I. In a couple days only the Wizard will remember."

"Please change me back."

"Sorry, you should have thought about it before you kicked Melinda in the stomach.

"Now get dressed. I'll have your breakfast ready, then it is off to school for you." Barbara smiled as she left remembering what was in store for her daughter at school. It was Freshman initiation day and since Deanna was now a Freshman. "I think Deanna should enjoy being the other side of being a bully."


At school Deanna was meet by two senior girls and two juniors.

"Another Freshman for initiation. Take her to the girl's locker room."

"I am not a Freshman." Dean had been a senior.

"You are Deanna O'Leary aren't you."

"Yes I am."

"Then you are a freshman."

Deanna tried to run away but was caught by the juniors.

"Please let me Go. I feel sick sorry."

Dean had heard what the girls had planned for the girl freshman this year and he didn't want anything to do it.

"Here is another freshman."

"O'Leary I was hoping I would be the one to get her ready." Deanna was being turned over to Melinda Cooper. "When you see your sister, tell her I was the one who helped you. I still remember what she did for me.

"O'Leary strip."

"No! I won't."

"I was hoping you'd refuse. If you don't do what we want today we do it to you for a solid mouth. You have ten seconds to start stripping."

Deanna was lead into another room after taking off her clothes. What she found were the other freshman girls getting prepared for their day at school. It was worse than Dean had heard about.

"Suck on this while we get you all dolled up, Deanna." An adult size pacifier was placed in Deanna mouth. "On the mat on your belly."

Now came the baby oil and the talc.

"Now turn over."

Deanna was then diapered.

Then the plastic pants.

Then the baby dress with a lot of petticoats.

A bottle of lukewarm milk replaced the pacifier.

A baby bonnet was placed on Deanna head.

Deanna was then lead into another room. Where she found other freshmen dressed up as babies and others dressed up as old women.

"Your instructions for the babies are.

"1- At all times you will act like a baby.

2 - You will suck on a pacifier at all times other than lunch. I do mean suck.

3 - You will use your diaper for what they were meant for. The Freshmen old ladies will have the pleasure of changing your diapers. If you are caught tampering with your diapers in any way. You shall were diapers for the rest of week.

Melinda just smiled. She figured Deanna would try to just hold back and not use her diaper. So that was why the bottle of milk Deanna just finished had diuretic in it.

4 - When you need your diaper changed you will start crying.

5 - At anytime an upperclassman can check your diaper. You will be punished for not reporting a dirty diaper.

6 - At lunch you will sit in a set aside section of the lunch room where your mother can feed you the food more appropriate for your age."

7 - You can't change out of the clothes you are wearing until you get home tonight."

You can feel the humiliation that Deanna had to go through that day. So just let your imagination run wild.

At home that evening. Deanna's mom had no pity

"I see you enjoyed your first day of school as a girl."

"You knew what was going to happen today didn't you?"

"Yes I did. The punishment you received today at school is for the kids you have harassed over the years. Your sister and mine will be coming tonight and later down the road."

"What do you mean?"

"I have arranged a date for you."

"Who? What do I wear? When?" Deanna asked out load. Down deep she was saying. "What is going on here. Date, I don't want to go out after what I went through today."

"You have a couple hours to get ready. It is only to the movies and the malt shop for a milk shake afterwards."

After two hours of pruning and primping Deanna was ready just in time.

As Deanna finished she looked out her bedroom window to see her date walk up.

"NO! No! Please don't let it be Gordon, please."

Gordon is a sixteen year-old nerd's nerd. With the worst case of acne in the school. He was even two inches shorter than Deanna.

The movie was nice. Gordon didn't try to get fresh. He did rub his hand up and down Deanna's nylon clad legs quite a bit.

At the malt shop. It seemed that all of Deanna and Gordon's friends just had to be there that night. To see the happy couple together.

Then Deanna said something as they were driving that came out of left field. "Could we go and spend some time on Lover's Lane. I figure you might want more than just rubbing my legs."

'Wow!' Gordon said to himself. 'My first real date with a girl and she wants to make out with me already.'

Ten minutes later the only articles of clothing they had on were Gordon's briefs and Deanna's panties. As Gordon was enjoying the sucking of Deanna's breasts Deanna decided it was time to take this one step further.

"Gordon stop. It is time for to take care of your acne."

"What are you talking about?"

"Don't you want to fuck me." Dean was screaming to himself. 'What am I saying?'

Gordon didn't say a word. All he did was reach and pulled down his briefs. Out popped a six-inch dick. Deanna reached down and pulled down her panties.

"Are you ready?"

"Yes I am. Put that dick in me. I want it. Take my cherry and fill me up with your babyseed.

Having no practice Gordon jammed his dick into Deanna's pussy like he was stabbing a piece of meat with his fork. He didn't hurt himself on the first try but Deanna took the blunt of it.

The fucking started in earnest.

Unbeknownst to the lovemakers the rocking of their car attracted the notice of the other visitors of Lover's Lane. So while Deanna and Gordon were going at it. Some friends were outside watching. Deanna didn't notice them until right before her orgasmic bliss and right before Gordon shot his load.

As our lovers came down from their high.

They could hear the crowd.

"Gordon let me. I want to fuck her too."

"Do it some more."

Deanna turned towards Gordon. "Please take me home, Please."

Gordon then climbed back into the front seat and drove. Still naked as a jaybird. While Deanna was in the back trying very unsuccessfully to put her clothes back on. To the hoot and hollering of the other kids.

Still not properly dressed Deanna entered her house.

"I see that you and Gordon had a wonderful time."

Deanna just glared at her mom, and went to her room to take a shower, and then to bed.

By Monday morning everyone in school had heard about Deanna and Gordon and Lover's Lane.

Gordon stood around bragging to anybody who would listen how he banged one of the most popular girls in school. Gordon's acne did clear up six weeks later.

As for Deanna her friends avoided her. The other students avoided her because they considered her a Nerd's property. The Nerds did so because they didn't consider her a nerd.

"How can my life get any worse," Deanna said to herself.

But it did.

A month after the date. Deanna woke one morning sick to her stomach. The next morning she was sick again.

That evening Barbara was standing at the door when her youngest daughter walked through. "Deanna I want to check something out. Please take a leak in this cup. Then leave the cup in the bathroom."

Fifteen minutes later Barbara walked into her daughter's room.

"The test was positive."

"Positive, what do you mean?"

"Simple dear you are pregnant."

"You did this to me."

Deanna then started throwing things at her mom.

As Barbara left she said. "There is still one thing left."


The next morning Deanna found out what that was.

Deanna awoke the next morning with a feeling of complete helplessness. She could not see, or move. It seemed like she had no arms and legs.

Then a voice could be heard. A voice that Deanna recognized as her own.

"Deanna I know you can hear me. So listen and I will tell you what has happen and what your future has in store for you.

"First thing is. You are now the baby you found out you are carrying yesterday. And I am you a fourteen year-old unwed mother to be."

"Let me tell you why it is this way. Remember the day this all started. When you were thrown out of school. Before I saw your principal. I had another appointment. This one with my doctor. He told me I had cancer and it was inoperable. And I had six months to get my life in order.

"So what happens. Do I go home to a loving and caring family? I walk into your mess at school and then I find out you hit your sister.

"So when I found the Spells-r-Us store in the mall and explained everything to the wizard. This is what we came up with.

"I didn't want you to die or continuing paying for mistakes that I might have caused. So I decided I would try to raise you again, but better this time.

"As for Barbara she died last night in her sleep. I am now you and you will be baby Barbara when you are born in eight months. Don't worry in a couple of minutes you will forget you ever had a past life."

Then there was silence and then nothing.




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